NATAPROBU Certificate of Achievement

Create an official NATAPROBU "Certificate of Achievement" for the probus you love to work with!  We'll print it up on professional certificate paper and mail it to you to present to those high-achievers in your life!

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the certificate language below and then on the right, choose the bureaucratic terminology you would like to insert in the blanks.

THE CERTIFICATE WILL READ: "In recognition of the outstanding [Selection 1] with which your [Selection 2] was so selflessly applied, hitherto significantly improving the overall [Selection 3] for all at [name of organization 1].  Your tireless pursuit of [Selection 4] and your outstanding commitment to [Selection 5] allowed [name of organization 2] to utilize the [Selection 6] as a means of harmonizing [Selection 7].  This achievement reflects great credit upon yourself, [name of organization 3], and [name of country]."

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NATAPROBU Certificate of Achievement

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